Why Angels?

If you’re cynical - I get it.  When we think of angels, we tend to think of corny hallmark cards or Christmas tree ornaments. Forget about that.

The truth about angels that I discovered, is that they are very real, very powerful - and very willing to help.  Angels just need to be called properly - that is where I come in.  As you sit back and listen to a relaxing guided meditation, I do just that, in accordance with your specific needs.  Angels vary to a great degree, with some having many skills, and some who are totally devoted to a single purpose.

Most of the angel stuff you see, like angel cards and special meditations, actually come from a set of teachings called the Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a kind of spiritual and mystical teaching that comes from Jewish traditions, but you can also find Christian and non-religious versions of it. At its core, Kabbalah teaches about angels and how they help in the universe.

In Kabbalah, angels are like messengers or channels for God's energy. They have specific jobs, like healing or helping people grow spiritually. There are lots of old Kabbalistic writings that talk about different angels and what they do. This is where a lot of ideas about angels helping people come from.

I've studied a lot about Kabbalah and use what I've learned to help people in special sessions where we call on angels for help. Here's what happens in those sessions:

Starting the Session:

We start with calming meditation and special prayers to connect with the angels. I ask for the help of specific angels that match what you need.

During the Session:

You might feel a calm change in the air as we invite the angels' energy. I help direct this energy to you, using thoughts, pictures in my mind, and sometimes a light touch, if you're okay with it. This creates a peaceful space for you to get advice and energy shifts that help with your spiritual questions or problems. It also makes another healing method called reiki stronger and last longer.

After the Session:

People often feel more connected to their spiritual side, more at peace, and clearer emotionally after these sessions. This feeling of happiness and calm can keep working even after the session is over. It can help you grow personally, become more in tune with your intuition, and feel better overall. The healing we do follows Kabbalistic ideas, aiming to balance your energy and bring you closer to a spiritual understanding and connection.

So, in short, using Kabbalah teachings, we call on angels to help with healing and spiritual growth, creating a space where you can feel more connected and peaceful.

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